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Isle of Man Locations

Find your perfect filming locations in the Isle of Man; misty moors, castles and ruins. Breathtaking valleys, deep forests and dark caves. Varied coastal scenery and rare wildlife. You’ll find Victorian towns, exquisite period Manor houses, traditional fishing villages, and perfectly preserved steam and tram railways. Our architecture ranges from Viking and Medieval to modern commercial and residential property.

“It shows the versatility of the Isle of Man and what you can do when you combine a great location with a great set” BAFTA award winning director Amma Asante.

Isle of Man Clifftops + Locations

The Isle of Man online library of potential film locations provides geo-tagged access to descriptions and hundreds of photographs. If have specific needs for your new media production you can’t match with our database, please don’t hesitate and contact us.

As film friendly jurisdiction with more than a century tradition in all kind of motorsports, we are bringing the two worlds together and are able to close public roads for exciting filming projects. In addition, the Isle of Man features a dense network of ‘Green Lanes’.

Isle of Media are available throughout to give help and guidance. We can provide you contact details of professional recce scouts and location managers. Please feel free to get in touch, let us know what you are after and we can make some introductions.


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