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Sea kayaking, Sailing, Diving, Fishing, Swimming, Jet Skiing… Explore the Isle of Man’s stunning coastline above or under water. Several Yacht Clubs welcome traditional sailors, blue water cruisers or dinghy racers.


The Isle of Man is known around the globe as an undisputed world-class destination for motorsport – and having no general speed limit.

If accelerated by steam, petrol or electricity, the Island’s challenging and comprehensive road and green lane network has entertained competitors on two, three and four wheels, as well as spectators, for over a hundred years. Drag, drift and stock car races, rallies, hillclimbs or motocross, the Island caters for every type of petrolhead.

Thousands of visitors from across the globe visit the Isle of Man each year for the greatest road racing event in the world – the TT Races. Described as ‘Formula 1 with Cliffs’ the daring 37 and ¾ mile Mountain Course sees racers from around the world reach average lap speeds of up to 135 mph,  longer and faster than any Grand Prix.



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